Polymer concrete drainage channel

  • C250 Polymer Concrete Drainage
  • C250 Polymer Concrete Drainage
  • C250 Polymer Concrete Drainage
C250 Polymer Concrete DrainageC250 Polymer Concrete DrainageC250 Polymer Concrete Drainage

C250 Polymer Concrete Drainage

  • Model Number:PF200*(220-350)20
  • Loading:B125 C250
  • Width (Inner):200MM
  • Width (Outer):240MM
  • Description: Polymer Concrete Drainage Channel  200MM Width Inner CE Certification

C250 Polymer Concrete Drainage 200MM Width Inner CE Certification

B125 /C250 polymer concrete channel


Linear dewatering systems by SENSE are a perfect solution for the conveyance of rainwater from various types of hardened areas. Everywhere there is a problem concerning the conveyance of rainwater linear dewatering systems can be applied. Dewatering ducts are installed in the top-layer and covered with a grid. Water is collected there and flows down to a drainage system or directly to a drainage ditch. The system can be installed on any hardened top-layer, also the existing one with little labour input. During heavy rains the system prevents from the self-creation of big puddles. It is installed in home-adjacent zones, pavements, shoulders etc.


Slot linear drainage trench include two types of ground drainage an side wall drainage, which respectively apply to senior ground and side wall drainage in parks ,squares,commercial buildings etc.the cover plate of ground middle slot drainage trench and side slot drainage trench apply the materials of galvanized steel and stainless steel. By connection with resin concrete footings which form two different kings of slot drainage trench,with one single combination line left between the grounds and wall conner after the construction of the project


Polymer concrete channel with stainless steel slot grating
Item code Width (Inner) mm Width (Outer) mm Total height mm Edges Loading
PF200*(220-350)20 200 240 220 N B125/C250
200 240 240 N B125/C250
200 240 270 N B125/C250
200 240 300 N B125/C250
200 240 350 N B125/C250
Grating option
Item code Length mm Width mm Material Loading
Slot grating 500/1000 as per channel galvanized steel / stainless steel A15-C250

Competitive Advantage/ Features:

The linear drainage trench is made from resin and quartz sand filler. Which lead to long cycle design life. Corrosion (snowmelt sait agent included)and frozen resistance ability. Smooth surface. Stronger strength.less weight etc.