Cast Iron Drainage Channel

  • Cast Iron Drainage Channel
  • Cast Iron Drainage Channel
  • Cast Iron Drainage Channel
Cast Iron Drainage ChannelCast Iron Drainage ChannelCast Iron Drainage Channel

Cast Iron Drainage Channel

  • Model Number:QT300*190*750
  • Loading:D400
  • Material:Iron
  • Application:rainwater liner drainage
  • Description: Cast Iron Drainage Channel Grate Manhole Cover For Motor Vehicle Access Roads

Heavy Duty Cast Iron Drainage Channel for Linear Trench Drain


Iron casting channel linear drainage trench system

Instead of the transitional spot feed,the linear drainage trench system bring to the linear feed solution with less water logging area,smoother site surface,bigger inlet cross section and water discharge volume as well with less chance of block.The trench cross section adopts U-shaped design with its structure made by resin-concrete matrix with PE which is prone to speeding flow rate with better self-clean ability.The whole system is supported by cover plate of ductile iron.galvanized steel and stainless etc.


The Iron casting channel trench can meet the requrimeets of strength standard of EN-1433 from A15 to D400 .

Its application area include side works ,public transport roads,public squares,cars parks and all other areas vehicles entrance permitted.


Item code Width (Outer) mm Height mm Length mm Loading
QT300*190*750 300 190 750 D400

Competitive Advantage/ Features:

1. Iron casting channel, strong bearing capacity, corrosion resistance, frost resistance, long service life,maintenance-free;
2. Compared with the traditional drainage ditch, the surface is smooth.
3. Adopt socket connection, easy to install;
4. Composition of the system: drainage ditch structure, cover plate, inspection wells and accessories.