Aluminum Manhole Covers

  • Tank Manhole Cover
  • Tank Manhole Cover
  • Tank Manhole Cover
Tank Manhole CoverTank Manhole CoverTank Manhole Cover

Tank Manhole Cover

  • Material: Steel
  • Process:Aluminum profile,Cutting,Welding,Assembling
  • Usage:municipal
  • Service Provided:OEM/ODM/Customized/Design
  • Description: Water Tank Manhole Cover Hot Dip Galvanized Surface Treatment
Water Tank Manhole Cover Hot Dip Galvanized Surface Treatment


Customizable colors,materials and shapes for professional service to meet and exceed your demands.

Quality of the Manhole cover is fundamental, which is our company spend most of the time on. Contact us without any hesitation,you will be satisfied of what you see and get.


floor,road,driveway,garden,park,Industry,Construction and public use,etc.,etc.

How to install an Inspection cover

Step 1:

Remove the cardboard corners and check if there are any damage. Place the cover in the correct position. Apply concrete fillers evenly and adequately on the edge of the frame. Make sure there are no cavitations in concrete, because these cavitations may adversely affect the density of the protective layer or bend under load.

Take into account the final finish layer. Use the level to take the cover to the right height.

Step 2:

Give the concrete plenty of time to harden (at least 48 hours) and open the cover when the concrete is 90% hard. Remove any concrete or other residue on the frame or recessed cover.

Step 3:

Apply the concrete filling to the recessed cover evenly, and place the reinforcement mesh in the right position: make sure it does not touch the bottom or sides.

Take care the height of the finish layer again.

Step 4:

Lay the pavers, tiles or other finish and fill the joints.



Material: Aluminum-3.0mm

Re-inforcements : V-Type Supports welded

Seal: Single Locking: Yes

Special Size: Possible

Item code Spec External dimensions mm Clear opening mm Height mm
312801 300*300 360*360 300*300 55
312802 400*400 460*460 400*400 55
312803 500*500 560*560 500*500 55
312804 600*600 660*660 600*600 55
312805 700*700 760*760 700*700 55
312806 800*800 860*860 800*800 55
312807 1000*1000 1060*1060 1000*1000 55

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