Plastic Drainage Channel

  • Polypropylene  channel
  • Polypropylene  channel
  • Polypropylene  channel
Polypropylene  channelPolypropylene  channelPolypropylene  channel

Polypropylene channel

  • Model Number:PP100*20*1000
  • Loading:A15
  • Material:Polypropylene
  • Width (Inner):100MM
  • Description: D400 Plastic Linear Drain 130MM Outer Width High Strength Reasonable Design

D400 Plastic Linear Drain 130MM Outer Width High Strength Reasonable Design

Install drain surface water trench drain application

The plastic drainage channel with grate cover with corner piece represents the technology of Install black HDPE plastic drainage ditch liner for outdoors from SUZHOU SENSE INDUSTRY CO., LTD.

Demonstrating decades of experience by our designers in the field of drainage.

All solutions techniques and construction details were marked to provide an end user product that is light, safe and easy to install.


Polypropylene channel matrix trench can meet the requrimeets of strength standard of EN-1433 from A15 to D400 .Its application area include side works ,public transport roads,public squares,cars parks and all other areas vehicles entrance permitted.


Polypropylene channel with galvanzied steed grating
Item code Width (Inner) mm Width(Outer) mm Total height mm Loading
PP100*20*1000 100 130 55 A15

Competitive Advantage/ Features:

Simple, neat and uniform linear appearance;

The construction work area is small and the related work materials are reduced.
High strength, reasonable design, reduce the risk of ballast damage;

Chemical erosion resistance, impermeability, frost resistance, long service life;